Company's profile


 Long Phung Food Products Inc. is one of the most renowned manufacturers of Vietnamese sausages in North America and Vietnam. Our products are sold across the Asian markets and have served its customers for over 20 years.

Our professional team members, more precisely in the research and development department, are working hard to constantly develop new products that consistently meet the quality standards of international regulations.






  Both from Vietnam, Mr. The Long Pham and his wife, Mrs. Thi Tin Nguyen, founded Long Phung Food Products Inc. in 1988. Since his early childhood Mr. The Long Pham, has always been an amateur of Vietnamese sausages. Missing the culinary tastes of his homeland, he decided to start planning for a production facility of Vietnamese sausages.

Nearly a decade after their arrival in Canada is when they were able to seize their opportunity and finally build their plant on Canadian soil, in Sainte-Catherine, Québec.

The production first began with a wide variety of authentic Vietnamese products. However, in 1998, the founders have decided to reduce their line products and solely focus on the manufacturing of sausages. This decision triggered an increase in sale of their products due to the very promising and high demand in the Asian market as well as in other specialized groceries in Quebec. As a result from this high demand, it allowed the company to eventually sell their products in other Canadian provinces as well as exporting to other countries. The Long Phung Food Products Inc.’s trademark then gained popularity and started being highly associated with the words: health, authenticity, culture, family and quality.


Our values

  Long Phung Food Products Inc. is dedicated to provide healthy and high quality food. The ingredients are carefully selected and handling of our products is refined. Our company values the wellbeing and the healthy eating lifestyle of our consumers. In addition, our team is committed to provide a personalized service to its customers in order to fully meet their needs and also, build a good relationship in a friendly and healthy working environment.


Our mission

Long Phung Food Products’mission is to offer its consumers high quality Vietnamese products while keeping its authenticity and, allowing the curious to discover the traditional flavours of Vietnam.