Bún Nem Nướng – Vietnamese-style grilled pork meatballs

Preparation: 10 min
Cooking time: 30 min
Serving Size: 4


  • 375 g NEM NƯỚNG from LONG PHỤNG (Vietnamese BBQ sausage), thawed in the refrigerator
  • Fish sauce
  • 300 g Vietnamese rice vermicelli (Bún)
  • Washed and ready-to-eat lettuce
  • Mint, basil, coriander, soybean sprouts, cucumbers in strips, washed and ready to eat
  • 4 tablespoons roasted and chopped peanuts


  • Follow the instructions on the package to prepare the noodles
  • Shape NƯỚNG NEM pellets (suggested size: 1.25″ diameter or larger)
  • Grill or fry the dumplings until golden brown
  • Layer lettuce, rice vermicelli, mint, basil, soybean sprouts, cucumbers and NEM NƯỚNG
  • Top with peanuts, fresh herbs and cilantro

Enjoy your meal!